Do you allow yourself to fully feel?


I'm having a run of transformational coaching clients who seem well-practised in the art of what we might call 'emotional numbing'. Because events in their past have been experienced as 'too traumatic' to truly feel, they have learnt to suppress authentic emotion. And this response has, over time, become so instantaneous - especially around key 'karmic' issues in their lives - that they find it hard to access the emotion at all.

All very well, you might think - who needs emotion, anyway? Well, I would actually say that, at a certain point on our path, emotion - and the ability to feel it authentically and wholly - holds the key to our unfolding - or, if not the key, then at least an important access point.

Now, coaching clients who come to me tend to be on a path of what we might call conscious evolution, anyway, and are usually ready and willing to change. But those with this particular pattern, even though they want to change, often find it hard to unlock the door to feeling the authentic emotion again.

Something interesting is happening though, in the way I'm starting to work with some of these people, though. For whatever reason, I seem to be picking up on the emotions that they're not able to feel - and feeling them intensely, often both physically, in my energetic body and in my 'feeling space'. So I'm able to mirror back to them what I'm feeling and sensing - and this is enabling them to access enough of the emotion for them to start to free the stuck energy around that particular trauma and more of their soul can then embody. I love to work like this - it's both extremely efficient and fun ('how can she say that?')And it's not just in one-to-one work that I'm getting an opportunity to work with people to gain access to emotions that they've forgotten how to feel. In group trainings in co-counselling (next course starts May 12, in London and our first online training, in September), it's humbling to see the changes in people as they release blocks and find themselves as a result being able to access more of their soul's authentic gifts.

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