Transformational Coaching

Are you longing to become the person you were born to be? Do you have a yearning to express something hidden deep in your soul? Has there always been a voice whispering in your heart that somehow ‘this is not enough’?

Whether you are just setting out on the journey of unfolding more fully into who you are, or you are already some way along the path, I work particularly with those who seek to find the opportunity in the challenges in their life and want to learn to expand rather than to contract in times of pain, trauma and change.

In a small amount of sessions Tonya managed to get to the crux of the issue. I was moved by how intuitive she was with regards to the changes I had to make.

In sessions with clients, I like to keep things simple. I make a connection first and allow myself to be intuitively led from there. I’m often given information as we go along, from visions to an awareness of changes in a client’s energy field. Often I can sense or ‘read’ karmic ‘blocks’ and areas of density that can be blocking authentic self-expression.

A lot of my work is with people who are going through major awakenings, shifts, challenges or traumas. Another common theme is working with those who have ‘numbed out’ and need help in feeling authentic emotion again, which then often provides the key to rapid unfolding for them. Clients will often report feeling incredibly safe and ‘held’ and that the process is fairly effortless, yet deceptively powerful.

It worked. Thank God I've found something that works!

One-to-one work can often be conducted on Skype, as an alternative to physically meeting (though it is often beneficial to do the first session in person). Though I can assure those that are looking to work with me from outside the UK that this work can be just as effective on Skype as it is in person. I tend to create a deep, clear connection with my clients quite quickly, whether the session is on Skype or in person - and regardless of whether I have met them first in person or not. This means that it doesn’t so much matter whether you’re in Australia, Germany or just round the corner from me in the UK, the strength of the connection – and depth of the work - is the same.

I also work as part of a worldwide team of spiritual facilitators with the Openhand Foundation