Is it just me, or is there a kind of global awakening taking place: a 'shift' where more of us are waking up to our true potential?

In my work as a coach and workshop leader, I see manifestations of this shift in the people I meet, catalysed by the rather challenging situation we find ourselves in – a global 'crisis' created by worldwide epidemics, scarce resources, environmental changes and crunched credit, to name a few things! Many are experiencing increased 'synchronicity' in their lives, and coincidences they can't explain away. Some are freaked out by this and find the changes they are experiencing strange and out of their control. From where I see it, however, these changes are a 'normal' part of the waking-up process and to be celebrated, not feared!

We're much more powerful than we allow ourselves to be! When we start to open to this fact – when we effectively 'plug ourselves in at the mains' (at Source) - we become more of who we have been all along. 'Enlightenment' and 'ascension' are no longer just the domain of the Buddhas and the Christs among us - but accessible to us all. In fact, as I see it they are our divine birthright! 

About Tonya

I've been involved in holistic therapies and personal development for over 30 years. I took a psychology degree, trained in holistic therapies and became a co-counselling teacher in my early twenties, so that I could work with people on self- and spiritual development. 

Since then I've had a dual career: as a journalist and writer, and as therapist and workshop facilitator. All the way along I've been doing a lot of work on myself, but more recently I have experienced shifts in consciousness and energetic changes that have equipped me more fully for healing and coaching work.

So now I feel I'm more ready to help others in their process of unfoldment—either inspiring them on their journey or giving them a helping hand along the way. Because however rocky the path ahead gets, it's my belief that we have all the tools we need inside – we just sometimes need a little help finding them!

Why Little White Feather?

In New Age folklore, if you spot a white feather in your path, it's seen as an indication that you're on the right track and, to some, as a sign of angelic visitation. People often associate the name Little White Feather with Native American Indian culture, too - though this link is not intentional on my part, I don't mind this much, as I see much wisdom in the Native American Indian culture!)

And little white feathers are also, of course, great for tickling!