Want to change the world? Change your consciousness.


I've witnessed a lot of finger-pointing recently. You know, the kind of situation where one person, unwilling to face up to his own part in creating a particular situation, blames life/ 'the universe', the government, whoever for what is going on.

It often stems, it would seem to me, from the person feeling vulnerable about - or powerless to change - something in her life - that she can't 'control' things around her. And it can be because of something she feels powerless to change - like climate change, a certain US president, or, for those in the UK, Brexit, for example (and often the key, here, is to realise it's OK to be vulnerable... it's actually OK to not be 'in control', ie, to 'feel the feeling' and allow it to process through... and expand). Just as often, however, it stems from something that she could perhaps change, would she just stop 'projecting it outwards', ie, onto someone else. And there are a lot of us doing this at the moment!It's easy to do, isn't it? Faced with a crazy world, rather than facing up to our own part in it, we can blame the state of the world on anyone else rather than ourselves.

But you know what? More and more, I realise that the key to changing the world is in changing ourselves. I've always been in the 'Be the change you want to see in the world' camp... (a phrase, of course, attributed to Gandhi). Why don't we become more like Michael Jackson, when he told us that he was, 'starting with the man in the mirror' - always a good thing, in my books!

It seems to me that a whole lot of people are pointing fingers at the moment (Donald Trump, of course, being an extreme example). And the more that we point fingers and find fault with others - men, women, gay people, the government, Moslems, Buddhists, Christians, our conception of God... the less energy we have to deal with the actual issue (which is what the mirror is reflecting)... changing ourselves. Let's cotton on to this as it can really change the world!

And you know what? The more we turn the mirror around and change ourselves, the more we evolve our consciousness and... surprise, surprise... the less we become capable of blame, of abuse, of inhumanity to the creatures that share our planet. We become incapable of 'fracking' the earth, its creatures or each other. It's part of our evolution - at a certain stage along the path, we simply no longer see ourselves as separate from those we share the planet with.

Controversial I know, but as I see it, evolution of ourselves is the solution to every problem on Earth.So the key to changing the world, in a funny way, is not to need to change the world - even stopping Donald Trump spreading his message of division and control! In a funny way, the key to changing the world around us is changing our own consciousness. One by one. And little by little, step by step, trickle by trickle, we realise that the world around us is changing... the global consciousness is changing... we're in a new world!

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