Living in the 5D - it's all about listening!


I have the pleasure of living with a group of like-minded friends - a mini-community of sorts. There's something about this group of souls that gels. Though every one of us is very much his or her own person, it's like there is an innate and often unspoken flow that happens between us - each one of us is living from an awareness of the importance of following 'the flow' and is doing what they can to surrender to it and, as such, there's a beautiful 'weave' that goes on throughout the day. Each person follows his or her own inner prompting on what is the right thing to do in every moment, and somehow everything magically falls into place - there's dinner on the table, the table gets laid, the fruit gets picked, the garden gets watered... flow happens and things get done.  It's a taste of living in the 5D. And there's an effortless quality about it. Gorgeous.When someone visits our little community, they're often struck by this. They think it's just an innate sense of peacefulness in this place and the land around it, but we all know it's more than that. It's like the flow kind of embraces them and envelops them in this radiant sense of wellbeing, of simplicity or rightness and they feel somehow held by the benevolent forces that gather here.

And you really notice the difference when someone comes in who is walking to the beat of a different drum, as happened yesterday. It feels somehow abrasive and ruffles the energetic feathers of the place. Because living in the fifth dimension - where I feel we're moving to as a race right now - is all about listening, really - and this little community of souls has it down to a fine art. Without any big drumroll or trumpet blowing, each listens deeply to the other and to the innate rhythm of life, the flow... And whether he or she is consciously aware of it or not, at some level each hears or reads or perceives the gentle guiding hand of the divine in the tapestry that is being weaved here each day.

Do you see the signs of living in the 5D in your own life right now? What do you particularly notice... about how does it make you feel? We'd love to hear!

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