'No tree can grow in heaven...'

mirror (2)I have a new coaching client who's so 'ready to go' it delights me! His life has been so much of the 'school of hard knocks' variety (he's been through so much abuse - from others, in the emotional department and of himself through drugs and drink...) He's been so totally 'to the dark side' - he's so well-and-truly explored the denser vibrations of life - that he's now so ready, SO READY to begin a whole-hearted exploration of the light. And he knows so clearly now 'which side he's on' (though it isn't really like that, is it.. there aren't really 'sides', are there, in this beautiful game called evolution?)He's a joy to work with - so ready to understand the universal 'laws' of life, so keen to decipher the codes that life is throwing at him, to give him keys to his onward journey. He's on fire!Sometimes we have to go to the pits to be able to 'see the light'. And that's what this great quote from psychologist Carl Jung, which got a lot of discussion on Facebook this week, depicts: 'No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell'. What do you think?