The truth is in here

compassDo you remember that X Files catchphrase: 'The truth is out there'? It always used to irk me somewhat, because for me, the truth is not out there, it's in here (in us!) And it seems to me that this truth is more available to us now than it has ever been (though I think there are forces at work in society that keep us from discovering this reality for ourselves)! There are also of course forces within us that habitually look for the truth 'out there' - in teachers, gurus and authority figures - we're so keen to give our own power away! Nowhere is this more evident than in discussions about the 'second coming' that are proliferating in these times. It's easy to see why some would start looking for signs of some great being coming to 'rescue us' from another plane. But, as I see it, that great being is us - each of us - and the 'second coming' is not about us being rescued by some external wise being, it's about the coming of the Christ Consciousness (or Buddha consciousness or however you like to see it) - this time within.Of course, other people, even friends and family members, can be our teachers - as we can be for them. But this works best when we use their wisdom simply to facilitate the discovery of our own truth within (and this is as much true when talking of some great teacher like Christ or Buddha, of course). Then we stay empowered. If, however, we give up the controls of our 'inner compass' to an external person, we are lost - at least until we realise what we are doing and correct our path.It seems to me that this would be the perfect time to fine-tune the workings of our inner compasses. With challenges like the current world economic situation, issues around global warming, pandemics and civil uprisings on a pretty much unprecedented scale, it is this internal compass - not an external one - that will help guide us on stormy seas. And, might I add, then we can get on and enjoy the journey.I'd love to hear your own viewpoint.If you'd like some help finding your inner compass, why not try some one-to-one transformational coaching (in person or on skype/phone).