Building bridges between old and new

building bridgesPeople often ask me what Little White Feather is about. It’s a good question and one I often find difficult to answer.If I were to put it in a nutshell, I would probably say that it was about raising awareness that there is another way. Which is what I told a local beautician, specialising in eyebrows, that I met the other day.  ‘A bit like Russell Brand?’ she asked me. Perhaps, I said, but a little less in your face and a little less ‘out there’ (though some people, I know, would question that).To the consultant to governments, who had flown in from Turkey and was trying to close a business deal on his phone late on Friday afternoon – and who gave me his business card, showing two continents being joined by a large bridge, I gave a different story: ‘It’s about building bridges. Not the Isambard Kingdom Brunel way (we learnt about this at school)… more metaphorical… something around creating links between opposing points of view, bridges between the ‘old way’ and the new – something like that. It’s about changing consciousness.’On our Facebook page we proclaim that, ‘We’re busy unlearning the untruths we’ve been fed and re-educating ourselves about what is real’. And on Twitter it’s ‘'Enlightenment' and 'ascension' are no longer simply the domain of the Christs and Buddhas among us; they are accessible to us all.’ Heady stuff, eh? What gives me the right to speak this way? Well, I've been through a number of dramatic and lasting shifts in consciousness, since I started on a journey of conscious unfolding at around the age of 14 and I’m getting about ready to start talking about it.I might sound like I’m being flippant about all this, but in truth this stuff is deadly serious. The world we're living in is changing rapidly. It's not about burying our heads in the sand and pretending it's all rosy. At the same time it's not about being reactionary and apportioning blame. It's about suggesting new ways of doing things that unite rather than divide. And it's not about preaching to the converted as much as trying to find common ground that unites us all.We’re trying to work as a not-for-profit to make it clear that it’s not about money for us; it’s about changing consciousness. And it’s about building a new world as the old world crumbles; one which is more balanced, equitable, sustainable, fair… and better for us all to live in.Because have you noticed? As things are crumbling, we are rising. Not as Juan Enriquez’ Homo evolutis, (a human being that deliberately engineers its own evolution and that of other species - the thought of which I personally find repulsive), but as Homo divinicus, the divine human being (see the writings of Open, Andrew Harvey and others) - also referred to by some as the 'completed' or 'possible' human being (Dr Jean Houston). And we're about helping smooth the transition for those that are evolving (not into evolutis, which would not, in my eyes, be an evolution in any form, but into divinicus).It’s about turning the ship around. Everyone can see we need to make changes in the outer world, to support our survival and that of the beautiful creatures we share this planet with, as much as anything, but it is by changing our consciousness that it will produce a lasting result. Otherwise we’re just putting a plaster over a wound. It's a bit 'Custer's Last Stand', but we all have much untapped potential. And the way we choose to help turn that ship around at Little White Feather is through inspirational writing, one-to-one coaching (on skype and in person), events, workshops and discussions and bodywork (see our website). But that may of course change.And it’s not so much about shouting from the rooftops for us. It’s about starting conversations at ground level. Changing the world from the bottom up.Anyone want to join us?Why little white feather? In new age folklore, if you spot a white feather in your path, it’s seen as an indication that you’re on the right track (and as a sign of angelic visitation). People often associate the name with Native American Indian culture  – though we see much wisdom in this culture, this link is not intentional. And little white feathers are, of course, also great for tickling!