We don't need to play God: we are God!

divine blueprintI was asked earlier this month to write an investigative piece on the implications of making genetic testing more freely available. It intrigued me that I'd been asked to pen this article, because it tapped into a theme that has been running through my life for the past few weeks (and which I touched on in a blog post earlier this month); the theme of two distinct forms of 'humanity' potentially emerging out of our current point in history - and the need for each of us to make a conscious choice within.As I researched the subject - and interviewed people about it - the truth of the situation stirred from somewhere deep inside me, enough at times to make me sob: We don't need to play God. We ARE God. We can learn to manipulate things through science, through genomics, whatever... but nothing we can ever create with the human mind can go anywhere near to matching the majesty and magnificence, the breathtaking brilliance of what we already are at core.And the sooner each of us realises this - not as a theory but as a living reality - the better for ourselves and our world. The sooner we begin to step forward into the truth of our souls and wake up to the fact that we have it all inside, the less we will be able to be manipulated by the forces in the outer world that seek to control and influence us. And the less need we will have, in turn, to influence and control the world around us.And I think that many of us know this already, whether consciously or subconsciously... and that's one reason for the popularity of books and films about superheroes, wizards - and even vampires - today (among children and adults alike) and for the fact that the most common human fantasy today - regardless of age, race or gender - is reported to be to have 'magical powers' of some kind.But this is not a fantasy. We each have gifts and 'god qualities' like those we admire in these superheroes - unique divine gifts that the world needs us to wake up to and express. We've always had them, we just allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked into believing that we were less than we infact are.And, as I see it, as we let go of the need to control - our environment, the future, our DNA, the world around us (whether it is manifested in women or men, what I see as the  'old male' way of seeing and doing things - which could, I suppose, ultimately lead to us becoming this 'evolutis', this human being that deliberately engineers its own evolution and that of other species ('yeugh' and 'double yeugh')) – and move instead into a place of divine harmony and balance within, where masculine and feminine, in their balanced or 'divine' state, are naturally represented and honoured. In this state, we have no need any more to control or engineer anything and begin to live in a state of divine co-creation with Nature and with our own divine Natures and unfold more and more into what we truly are - God.And this, as I see it, is the solution for many of the problems that we are facing in the world today  - an expansion of consciousness in each of us, an evolution, which means that we resolve many of the problems on earth effectively by evolving beyond them.  And there is nothing more beautiful, more natural - and, of course, ultimately more challenging - than this process.Anyone with me?