Nourishing our feminine selves

water lilyI’ve got that morning-after-the-night before feeling. Not in the conventional sense, though. I always wake up with a smile on my face after our community singing events. Mmmmm... I think it could have something to do with that lovely female hormone oxytocin.Oxytocin is what makes a woman glow (well, one of the things) and light up the space around her. When her oxytocin levels are high she feels fully resourced and can be relied upon to radiate the love and support that those around her depend upon to feel good in their own lives... at least that's the way I see it! And as women, we can do many things to keep our oxytocin levels topped up (as can those that depend upon our love and support) - and singing in groups is one of them.Last night - our first ever Harmonic Temple event in Godalming - was a truly special night from this point of view, but also because it was the night we christened our new space in Godalming. Positioned just above Slug & Lettuce, on the High Street, we're calling it the Spirit Level.We’re looking forward to many other nights of education and celebration in this beautiful space...The next singing event at the Spirit Level will be our community singing event, Soup and Singing, on Wednesday July 10. Our monthly Harmonic Temple event (next month's theme: sacred love) will run at Eastgate Court, Guildford on Thursday July 11 and again at the Spirit Level on Thursday July 25. Do come along if you feel the pull - and that includes all you men who enjoy singing - it changes the energy in a very positive way when we have a balance of men and women in the group.And a note to those visiting the centre: we have kindly been given reduced rates at Slug and Lettuce before or after your stay!