Are you an evolutionary?

xxHave you noticed how the change that we're experiencing in our inner worlds - ie, our spiritual evolution - seems to be happening more rapidly now? It's like for those who are choosing to evolve, there are no limits to our transformation - change seems to be happening exponentially.Take for example the group of souls who gathered for our co-counselling trainings within the last year. It was a sheer blessing (no exaggeration) to witness, at their 'graduation day', the transformation that had taken place in each one of them during the two months that had passed since we first met (whether this was as a result of the course or otherwise). They were literally shining (honest, folks!)This is truly an awesome time. It’s like the tadpoles I spoke of in a recent blog, reproduced in A Pilgrim's Progress in this month's newsletter, (though prepare yourself a cup of tea before you read it... it's a bit longer than my average post), it’s like some of us seem to be choosing experiences that will catalyse our evolution and help us shift more quickly into unleashing our soul’s full potential.Are you one of this group? Are you an actual, or closet, evolutionary? If so, the forthcoming Tools for Transformation course (Sunday, April 6th) might suit. And prior to that our public talk: The Mechanics of Spiritual Change (March 27th), which serves as an introduction to this kind of work. And if neither of these floats your boat, please feel free to get in touch anyway! There’s much you can do to help catalyse your own evolution... and that of those around you!Our next five-day co-counselling training starts at weekends in London from March 8th and in Guildford from April 26th. Please get in touch if interested (we are taking bookings for these courses now).