Co-creating with the divine

divine flow 3I've had this discomfort with the word 'manifestation' for some years now. To me the thing that characterises the new energies and the new world that's coming into being now, is that there is an 'effortlessness' about it - ie, we're allowing the flow to guide us and as such we're not intentionally manifesting; instead we're co-creating with the divine.And this is my problem with the word manifestation. If a project is not 'divinely given' to me, I do not feel in my integrity bringing it into being. It's more about finding what is seeking to come into being rather than asking what I myself desire to be. Without this sense of innate 'rightness', creative projects have a very different quality about them. And when aligned with the flow, co-creating projects in the physical becomes entirely effortless.This has been nowhere more powerfully demonstrated than in the founding and development of two centres that I've been involved in in the local community recently. The first, affectionately called 'The Lighthouse', in Guildford town centre - also the headquarters of local not-for-profit for grass-roots change in the community, Transition Guildford - has taken a while to establish and to develop but is steadily and surely gathering energy; the other, Spirit Level, in Godalming, has gone through major trials, stops and starts, shatterings and comings together since it was founded just a few short months ago - and has a wholly different energy about it. Members of the founding group have had some powerful discussions and meditations along the way, and came to a shared decision to consciously surrender any personal agenda and to allow what was seeking to come into being to come into being - and, once clear on what this was, to put some welly into bringing it into being in the physical!Sometimes the timing of the universe is very different to the schedules that our own little personalities like to create! There's such beauty in what happens when we finally learn to step out of the way and allow the flow to enter in. And guess what? What is created in that space is far more beautiful than our own minds could ever create alone. What an adventure...The next little white feather events at The Lighthouse are the Co-Counselling Taster Day and Co-Counselling for Spiritual Seekers, both on October 5th. Harmonic Temple runs at Spirit Level, Godalming, on October 24th. See little white feather events page for details.