Sharing stories to change our world

storytellerAnother example of someone who is creating beautifully in the new is Sam Koshare Edouardes, founder of The Delight Makers, who has created the awesome A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories project to help inspire the children of our world. She is doing this through numerous stories of great wisdom told by people of the world - from actors to teachers, to musicians, to street sweepers. This video about the project touched me so deeply that I had to share it with you."My most precious moments from childhood were spent with my grandparents," says Sam in the video. "There was a time when I felt really safe and wrapped in love. And what surprises me is how many people haven't had this experience. And it's nothing to do with wealth or poverty.""Storytelling is a safe way to deliver knowledge and love," she says. "When someone is telling us a story we don't put ourselves under pressure and we just hear what's being said. For children and for all of us ultimately, storytelling is a beautiful way to share wisdom."Sam is looking for "beautiful storytellers and wisdom keepers and wonderful grandparents who would like to give the gift of consciousness and love", and invites all those who would like to join the organisation or help out financially to get in touch!You can watch the video here.You can read more about Sam and The Delight Makers on our inspiration page here.