Day 9 - 21 day detox

An added benefit - your appearanceI don't know about you, but I've just noticed that my clothes are starting to hang better! It seems to be an added extra about detoxing. As your internal organs cleanse themselves and your body starts to settle into a life without toxins, the extra lumps and bumps start to shift. Eventually, if you stick to the fundamentals of the 21-day programme, your body starts to assume its natural shape (if of course, it doesn't already).... to look... err, how it's 'meant' to look!And by this point in the detox diet, if you've been drinking enough H2O, have you noticed how the image reflected back in the mirror begins to look different - the skin starts to glow and the eyes to shine?Write in and tell me about some of the effects you're noticing at this point on the detox diet.Tomorrow we talk about sugar, spice and all things nice