Day 10 - 21-day detox

Sugar - the hidden rollercoasterI remember this time on the 21-day detox last year, when I came to write about sugar, I noted that when the friendly cashier at a petrol station tried to tempt me with a 'Three free doughnuts for the price of 1' offer, there was 'not one part of me' that wanted that doughnut. This time round, however, I have to confess that I'm craving sugar 'like there's no tomorrow'. So much so that I've made two rounds of Marzipan Balls (see Day 1) this week and gobbled them up pretty much on my own (shocking, I know!!!)There could be all sorts of reasons for this phenomenon. Usually, however, at this stage of the detox diet, many people find that their blood sugars are balancing out. The reality is that when we take in additional sugar in our diets (in addition to the 'natural' sugars in many foodstuffs), whether it's in the form of a spoonful in my tea or simply eating a piece of cake or chocolate once in a while, we are really assenting to being taken on a daily rollercoaster ride of sorts.Having said that, I wouldn't advocate being too anal about all this. If we allow ourselves a treat once in a while - maybe a Sesame Snap or two, it won't make that much difference on the detox plan!Tomorrow we'll discuss how you can support yourself on the detox diet