Day 4 - 21-day detox

Detox superfoods and supplementsThere are nutritional supplements available that can help your body fulfil its detoxing duties both more effectively and more easily. There are also detox 'superfoods' that will recharge and revitalise your body and fill the newly cleansed cells with vitality and 'zing' (apologies if I overuse that word - I rather like it!).Detox superfoods include apples (very good intestinal 'brooms'), carrots (excellent cleansers and great for the skin), garlic, broccoli (and other cruciferous veg, whch are packed full of phyto, or plant chemicals), sprouted mung beans (you can sprout these easily yourself - I have a jar on-the-go most of the time, which I munch whenever I pass through the kitchen), lemons, quinoa, papaya and linseeds (flaxseeds).I recommend seeking out a good local, independent health food store as the best source of good quality supplements. The owners are often well informed and passionate about what they do. And they're less likely to 'toe the party line', by selling own-brand supplements first (which may or may not be of good quality) than those peopling some of the high-street health food shops might do.Nutritional supplements that are helpful on a detox diet of this nature include Milk Thistle (which protects liver cells from the effects of alcohol and other toxins, stimulating the production of new, healthy liver cells); Kelp (a rich source of iodine, iron, calcium and zinc, it also helps rebalance the function of the thyroid, which in turn controls your metabolic rate). An antioxidant supplement is also a good idea and will improve oxygen utilisation and enhance your immune response.Spirulina and chlorella, too, provide easily assimilable proteins, vitamins and minerals while on the programme. They can also help cleanse and regenerate tissues and catalyse the cleansing process - and are particularly good mixed (in small amounts) into an early-morning banana and apple rice milk smoothie (ah yes, I promised to give you a recipe for that one, didn't I?). A good essential oil blend like Udo's Choice, which provides a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and 6 oils, is also recommended, though, like all the above supplements and superfoods, you can still have a very successful detox progarmme without it!Banana and apple rice milk smoothieThis makes a delicious and sustaining breakfast - and only takes a minute to make (you'll need a food processor)!One bananaOne appleA handful of oats - optional (there's a little gluten in these, so use sparingly on the programme)A glug or two of rice milk (about up to the 1/2 litre mark on the food processor)A small spoonful of barleygrass or Maca powderChop up the banana and the apple and put all the ingredients in a food processor. Whip up for a couple of minutes, until the mixture looks smooth and creamy. Guzzle at leisure. Mmmmm-hmmmm......Tomorrow... the role of exercise on the 21-day detox