Day 3 - 21-day detox

We oughta talk about waterOne essential element of the 21-day detox - and without which it will not be successful - is water. Not only is it important that you drink enough - the lymphatic system cannot flush those toxins out of your body without it (one reason why I start each day with a squirt of lemon in water to help it on its way) - but it is also important that this water is of good quality. As much as possible that is.Be aware that, despite it being 'cleaned' before it reaches you, tap water is often full of chemicals, hormones and waste products. If you can afford the outlay, give yourself a headstart and invest in a water filter or, even better, a water treatment system like the Living Water Vortex Jug a dear friend gave me this week (good timing, eh?) Using good quality water is especially important if you're sprouting your own grains and seeds at this time - they'll grow much faster and stronger - you can almost watch them grow before your eyes!!! I've been drinking about three times as much water since I've had my new water jug! It's transformed both the feel and the taste - so I just feel like guzzling it all the time!Your body needs more water than it would normally while on a detox diet. And still more if you're also exercising (gentle exercise is always a good accompaniment to a detox diet, as it helps the detoxification process). If you work in an office, take a big bottle of it in with you and sip it throughout the day. It's an easy way to make sure you have enough. And you can also avail yourself of the wonderful range of herbal teas - another way of feeding your body with water - whenever you're tempted to have a coffee or tea (which are, incidentally, due to caffeine content, decidedly more dehydrating rather than rehydrating).Good herbal cleansers are borage, dandelion, burdock... but any good quality herbal tea will do. Rooibosch is, of course, a good substitute for black tea, if that's what you're craving (I'll put my hand up to this, over the last few days). Pour a little soya milk in and you'd almost think you were drinking tea! And once you get used to it, you get to like the clean feeling you get inside after drinking it!Another tip, if you're in need of a lift: chop up a handful of fresh mint, put it in a teapot, add some manuka honey - and you have a delicious and healthy drink that will fill your cells with zing! Try it - you just might like it!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NB: Again, be gentle on yourself today! It's quite 'normal' to experience 'withdrawal symptoms' like headaches and tiredness at this stage in the proceedings and cravings for foods not on the list. Be prepared! Listen to your body - rest and give yourself positive, loving messages of reassurance! You'll be glowing with health and boundless energy in a few days!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tomorrow we take a look at some of the delicious and nutritious detox supplements and superfoods.