Day 5 - 21-day detox

The importance of exerciseBefore we get onto the main theme of today - exercise - I just want to remind you that your body is doing some major excavations - it may not have been this clean since you were a tiny tot. So take it easy on yourself today. Make sure you are eating - and drinking - enough, especially at breakfast - this will, of course, set you up for the day! Millet porridge is a good one for nice slow-release energy (recipe follows below).So on to the main theme of today - the importance of exercise. At this stage in the game, as we've said, it's important to be kind to the body and the mind. Having said that, gentle exercise is still a very important means of keeping the newly dislodged toxins shifting through and out of the body. It also helps shift any emotions that may have been locked in the body-mind and dislodged by the detoxification process (it's an extraordinary and wise creation, the body-mind system - and I find it helps to work with it!).So some gentle stretching in the mornings, yoga, tai chi... are all good at this point. And if you work from home, as I do, perhaps put on some of your favourite music from time to time and shimmy around the house. Don't resist that urge.... it'll help the body-mind do its thing! Of course, if it suits you better, a gentle walk in nature, breathing the air deep into the lungs, is just as good. Ask within - we're all different... your body will know what's best!And remember, if you can, to drink up to twice as much water as you would normally on a day that you exercise!Millet porridge175g (6oz) millet flakes225 ml (9 fl oz) rice or almond milk225 ml (9 fl oz) waterVanilla essence or nutmeg to tasteManuka honey, agave syrup or coconut sugar to tasteMix the millet, milk, water and vanilla or nutmeg in a saucepan. Bring to the boil and simmer for 4 to 5 minutes, stirring continuously.Serve with the honey, agave syrup or coconut sugar.Serves about 4 (you can store any remainder in the fridge and use next day).Tomorrow: sleep - the vital ingredient