Day 2 - Liver and gallbladder cleanse

So, how are you feeling? Depending on what time it is, probably pretty bleary-eyed! Fancy making you log on to your laptop before you know what you can eat of a morning!!! And without as much as a hint! Well, if it's before 6, I'm going to ask you to have another little lie-down, on the sofa, or to go for an early-morning walk with the dog or something, as it's not advisable to take your first dose of Epsom Salts (as follows) until then:6AM or later: Take another serving of the Epsom SaltsIf there is any indigestion or nausea, wait till it passes before taking the Epsom Salts. If you like you can take a tablespoonful of dry oats to ease the nausea and if you want you can then go back to bed.After two hours, you can take the last dose of Epsom Salts (please stick to the specified timetable – if you don't the cleanse may not be effective). Again, if you want to go back to bed that's OK.After two more hours you can eat. Eat lightly. Fresh fruit juice, fresh fruit, cooked oats are all good, moving to more regular food later in the day. Please aim to stay off all processed foods and artificial ingredients, as well as caffeine, tannin and alcohol, until tomorrow or Tuesday. Your body will thank you for it.Tomorrow: reorientation.

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