Day 1 - Liver and gallbladder cleanse

I did touch on this earlier in the week, but basically today you can eat pretty normally up until 2pm, when we stop eating, to enable the major organs to rest before the cleanse itself begins.Having said that, it's best to stop taking any dietary supplements: any unnecessary vitamins, minerals, medicines and pills - and eat only easily digested foods like grains and cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables and so on... Please email me or tweet @_whitefeather if you need further guidance on this.And before we begin, as ever, forewarned is forearmed... Click here to find out what effects you can expect while on the liver and gallbladder cleanse (this is where the entertainment I hinted at earlier comes in!!!!)2 pm Prepare the Epsom Salts: Mix 4 tablespoons of Epsom Salts in 3 cups of water and keep in a jar ready for the subsequently required doses of ¾ glass per dose. Place in the refrigerator if you like: it tends to improve the taste though it can lessen the effects of the Epsom Salts too. Your call!From this point on, timing is critical, so be sure to precisely follow the times indicated. Don't worry about not eating for the rest of the day as you will probably not feel hungry.6pm Your first serving of Epsom Salts.Time for the first serving of Epsom Salts with water. If you need more than one glass of water to rinse the mouth, that's fine. In the meantime, the oil and juice can be taken out of the fridge to assume room temperature.8pm Time for a second serving of Epsom Salts.9.45pm Prepare your oil and grapefruit 'cocktail' (yummm!)Measure ½ cup oil and ½ to ¾ cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice into your glass jar. After drinking your oil and grapefruit cocktail you will be going to bed, so prepare for bed - and if you need to visit the bathroom, do this in advance.10pm Cocktail time!Before drinking your juice and oil combo, put the lid on the jar it is in and shake vigorously. This will make the oil and juice almost emulsify. It's best to stand up while drinking - you want the oil to go directly into the stomach and not to linger in your throat. Some people use cinnamon to chase the concoction down with, though I tend to drink it straight.After swallowing all the drink, go to bed right away. Lie flat on your back with your head elevated with pillows and lie still for about 20 minutes. Then go to sleep. At this point or at some point during the night it is not uncommon to actually feel the gallstones moving through the bile ducts (yes, I told you this was going to be exciting!)Sleep well – and when you emerge tomorrow, log on and you'll find your instructions for the rest of the cleanse

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