Day 3 - Reorientation

juicingYou'll be happy to know that you can enjoy your usual breakfast today (but without tea or coffee if you can!) and resume your normal eating pattern.I often advise people though to follow a vegetarian diet with no alcohol or strong spices for a couple of weeks after the diet and a healthy lifestyle including good organic foods if they can. This will mean that the positive effects of the diet are felt for a longer period of time (I often feel the benefits of a clearer mind and heightened energy for six months or more).Some people repeat the cleanse yearly in the spring or autumn. Doing a liver cleanse at a one to five-year interval is beneficial and will help keep major illness at bay. A regular liver and gallbladder cleanse also often has the effect of keeping the liver healthy and resilient, which means that the ageing process often slows and the results tend to be felt both mentally and physically. Which is a good thing, don't you think?Let me know how you have got on. And don't forget to do a quick check of the same parameters we measured at the beginning of the diet – give yourself a mark out of 10 for mental, physical and emotional energy. I'd love to hear the results at if you enjoyed the littlewhitefeather LGBC experience, join us for our annual 21-day 'conscious cleanse' next spring (there are only limited spaces on the guided version - complete with 50-page e-book, so get in touch sooner rather than later if you're interested!).

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