DAY 3 - Detox diary COUNTDOWN

Junk the coffeeYou may be wondering why I'm taking this drug – which it is – out of the diet so late on in the countdown. It's really for personal reasons. I love the stuff. I only ever have one cup a day, but I spend most of the rest of the day thinking about that wonderful, frothy cup of cappuccino that I'm going to imbibe after lunch! This is my one major weakness (in the food and drink department), and I'm not afraid to admit it.Caffeine mimics the effect of stress on the body, activates the adrenal glands and sets up a 'fight or flight' reaction in the body-mind. And the more of it you drink, the more you're in a state of constant 'red alert!'If you continue this too long (two cups of coffee a day or four cups of tea is enough), before too long you will burn out.I find however that once I've taken caffeine (and that includes tea, Coca Cola, Pepsi and the like – oh, and I nearly forgot, and chocolate!) out of my diet for a couple of weeks, again, I feel so at-ease and balanced that I would think twice about putting such a toxin in there again!So I'll see you tomorrow – I'm off to my local coffee house for one last guzzle!Tomorrow we take out our final foodstuff – all things carnivorous!