Day 2 - Detox diary COUNTDOWN

We're going veganTaking out all meat and fish today – and having already taken dairy products out of our diets - means that you are I are now effectively vegan!A lot of the meats and fish that we buy today are pumped full of additives and even hormones. They're also quite difficult for the body to digest and so quite taxing on the body as a whole.Most people wonder where they're going to get their protein if they take out meat and fish.Protein is, of course, an essential part of any healthy diet and is needed for cell growth and repair. It is also used to make hormones, enzymes and antibodies.There are many types of protein, all of which are made up of amino acids. Eight of these amino acids cannot be made in the body. Foods that supply good amounts of all eight essential amino aides include meat, fish, dairy products, soya and eggs. Since these are not really permitted during the 21 day detox plan, it's important that you make sure that you include a variety of plant-based proteins: pulses, whole grains, nuts and seeds.Tofu, too, is a good alternative – and a very pure food – and it's very flexible. There are recipes for tasty tofu dishes everywhere – try looking it up on the internet or click here.Tomorrow, our final countdown day and a day of rest to reflect on the 21 days ahead.