Day 4 - Detox diary COUNTDOWN

Red, red wine!We should strictly have taken this one out on the first day, when we junked artificial additives, but for many alcohol is so much a part of the fabric of their life that it deserves a little more CEREMONY somehow!Alcohol has become such a social norm for so many people, especially in cultures like the one I'm living in – that it's hard to imagine life without it. Sitting in a wine bar with a friend, for example, with a glass of sparkling water doesn't seem quite as enticing!To have success on this aspect of the diet, however, you have to know what kind of drinker you are! Is it the froth on the beer that you like, or is it the colour of that particular variety of blush rosé that does it for you? Then you can substitute frothy non-alcoholic beer and sparkling Schloer or Amé from the supermarket – be creative (as long as you check for additives first)!Tomorrow: we junk the coffee