Telepathy and the language of love

I was waiting in line at a coffee shop on Sunday and was surprised to be given an inner 'nudge' to speak to a man who was in the queue ahead of me. Funnily enough, when I'd picked up my chai latte (with oat milk - I'm pretty much vegan these days) and was scanning the cafe for places to sit, there was just one table left and it was right next to him and (I assumed) his wife.

I sat down, picking up the local rag I'd brought with me to read. I was interested to notice that the man I felt to speak to wasn't saying much. His wife, a lovely twinkly-eyed woman in her '70s, seemed to be doing all the work. Yet I sensed a loving energy between them - they felt to be very much a 'partnership'. I kept feeling to include them in what I was thinking and reading - something in me was clearly prompting me to connect with them. I had ripped out a picture of a house from the paper and I found myself showing it to them, jokingly telling them it was 'a picture of my next home'.

Ms Sparkly Eyes explained to me that they'd been married for 55 years - she was 75, he was in his 80s. In the past five years or so her husband had suffered some sort of health issue (the healthcare professionals couldn't explain it - they called him 'the mystery man'), such that he wasn't able to speak - though he could still think and understand just fine.Though he couldn't put things into words, her husband clearly wanted to engage in the conversation. There was such life in his eyes. He brought out pictures of his grandchildren and showed them to me - and I noticed how, when he wanted to communicate something, he would look to his wife with a gentle, pleading expression and, with a little grunt, utter a few syllables. And she would watch him intently, feel into what he was attempting to say and then speak. They were communicating through telepathy.She explained to me that they communicated mainly through pictures. She would wait until she 'received' one from him and then she would speak the gist of what she 'saw'. This couple truly inspired me - and I told them so. They had they managed a loving lifelong partnership that really worked, despite all the odds.But it wasn't only that. 'You know, you're ahead of the rest of us,' I said. 'Most of us still need words to communicate - and because you've been forced by your situation to find another way (and learnt telepathic communication) you're pioneers of a new way of communicating'.

When the couple left, the man gave me an enormous hug - nearly squeeeeezed me to death - and a big wet kiss on the cheek. I could feel that he had got something out of our conversation. As for me, I felt I was very much 'meant' to have connected with them, at that place, at that time. It showed to me (not that I really needed convincing) that communication happens in so many ways - and often we don't need words to communicate - just an open heart and an openness to connect with another's soul.

Enjoy your Valentines Day!