It's never too late to inspire others!

When we're beyond a certain age, it's tempting, isn't it, to think that we're 'over the hill' - and that it's too late to make a difference in the world? We may feel that life is 'for the young' and that we're better off keeping our heads down and remaining 'invisible'.

But not so! If this world ever needed you to shine your light in it, it needs this now! There are so many people, young and old, dispirited at what's going on on this planet and struggling to make sense of it and if you have a yearning, a passion, then this is the right time to explore getting it out there to inspire people.I'm meeting and being inspired by so many older people these days, who are starting spiritual and self-development businesses that are inspiring others of every background, age, race, gender... to be the best they can be - and are really changing people's lives!

And one way those of us who have been co-counselling for years - you may be among them (there are quite a lot of co-counsellors on my mailing list) - can inspire and uplift others is in learning to teach co-counselling. If your own life has been changed by it, which is the case for many people I know - you can bet that you'll make a powerful, inspirational co-counselling teacher. And it can be a rewarding - and lucrative - way of making a difference and putting something back into a community that has given you so much in the past.Having been teaching co-counselling since I was 19 - I'm one of the UK's most experienced teachers - I decided last year to set up my own co-counselling teacher training. And after a successful first year, I've decided to offer it annually. The training will run May to July 2019 and is open to trained co-counsellors wherever they are in the world (we have the tools to get you trained up, as long as you're prepared to fly in to the UK for a powerful four-day retreat, which forms part of the programme, in London in July).

Those who trained last year would vouch for the fact that it's a great time to be teaching co-counselling. In fact, it's going through a big resurgence at the moment and is drawing big numbers. I teach the course twice a year in London and the last few courses have filled up ahead of time. And this demand is showing no signs of abating.Co-counselling is also powerful tool for helping people shift 'into the new paradigm' - the world of community, connection, co-creation, flow and ease that many of us feel is emerging through the 'furnace' of these challenging times we're living in.

So, if you think teaching co-counselling might be a powerful next step for you - and you're keen to learn how to make a viable business out of it - fill in your details here for a free breakthrough session with Tonya to see if the course is for you! Places on the programme will fill!