The post that launched the Soul Gifts Programme

It struck me this morning that you might like to hear about the article that first started me thinking along the lines of a Soul Gifts Programme, just 11 short months ago.I was invited to write a piece for the Openhand website (I'm one of their international team of facilitators) - as many of you know, I've been a journalist and author all my life. Called We Were Made for These Times, the article I found myself writing on a hunch, turned out to be a rousing call to action, inciting all those who felt they had a 'mission' or life purpose to begin, as the world sorely needed them.The article created a flurry of interest (I also published it on my Little White Feather blog) and a whole stream of people from all round the world started asking for breakthrough sessions with me.

I devised the Soul Gifts Programme out of this rush of interest. But even that was intuitive! The name Uncover your Unique Soul Gifts and Shine Your Light More Fully in the World was given me in meditation one day. 'Soul Gifts' became the abbreviated version.Roll on nearly a year and, with launch events in Germany and the UK, and people signing up from around the world, we're about ready to begin!

I realised that, as an intuitive with a gift of putting my finger on the issues blocking my clients' spiritual progress - and catalysing the clearing of obstacles in their path -  I was effectively being called to birth a group programme to enable the many 'star souls', sensitives, creatives... you name it, who knocked at my door every day, looking for help in landing their mission - or the spiritual gifts they knew they had - to do so, in the company of other like-minded, like-spirited souls from around the world.

Anyway, here, for those who haven't read it, is a link to the story. Enjoy!And if you'd like a Soul Gifts breakthrough session to talk to me about joining the programme, please fill in your details here. There's a 30% discount for those who sign up by Thursday 15th November (but I'm OK to hold this open a bit later for those who book their breakthrough session by then).

If you're not sure yet, then join us on the Soul Gifts FB group, where we'll be doing a 3-day Facebook Challenge, Monday to Wednesday next week, to find the 3 Keys to Unlock Your Unique Soul Gifts. You'll need to sign up to be part of this - and it's open to you, whether you've signed up to the programme yet or not!

P.S. And another date for your diaries - our next 3 Keys to Unlock your Unique Soul Gifts webinar  - Wednesday, November November 28, 7 pm BST. Reserve your place now - they're sure to fill!