Change, the only constant?

With unusual weather patterns affecting many parts of the globe, biblical-level storms across the US, Hawaii, parts of Europe and Asia - to name just a few things - no-one can deny that there's a lot of change going on on Planet Earth at the moment. And this change is not just happening at a planetary level. If my coaching clients, friends and acquaintances are anything to go by, there's a good deal of change and transformation being invited in our personal lives at the moment too.And those who have signed up to our Soul Gifts Programme  - we'll be closing the doors on this year's course exactly a month from today - will be among those who can expect to experience quite a lot of personal transformation in coming months (the six-month programme starts evening of Thursday, December 6th).

Designed to help participants unlock their soul’s unique gifts so they you can express them more fully in their lives and in the world, we'll be identifying the issues that prevent each one of us from grounding our unique gifts at all levels - mental, emotional and practical - and we’ll work on clearing them. The outcome? We will start to embody more of these gifts in our work and in our relationships and live a life that feels more aligned with who we truly are. And in a special live, in person Soul Gifts retreat in the UK (included as part of the programme), we’ll work to clear the karmic blocks that are stopping you shining your light fully.

And in the final months of the programme, we'll

look at how to ground the breakthroughs, spiritual insights and shifts that we have had over the six months in a way that feels authentic to you,

working together to create a plan so that you feel confident on your next steps and can move forward from a place of being deeply connected to yourself

There are five spots still going on the combined group & individual programme and a handful on the individual programme - so there's still time to join us.If you're keen to know more, download a free copy of our eBook, 3 Keys to Unlock your Unique Soul Gifts here. Or you can find out more about the programme here.Not sure if the programme's a fit for you? Book yourself a free, limited availability Soul Gifts breakthrough session with Tonya here.