For your Valentine's Day

divine union 14I have met my soul today. Shining in the eyes of another. And my heart is aflame with the beauty of The One.A thousand lamps have been lit, a thousand songs have risen in my heart, a thousand seeds have been planted that will grow and bloom untended.When we are together, our energy reaches out and becomes a doorway, lighting up the area around it, and everyone that walks through looks up to stare, not knowing why, yet changed in the presence of its transforming fire.Suddenly everything is a thousand times richer, a thousand times more colourful, a thousand times more real. Every moment is filled with a thousand possibilities. Part of my soul draws back – afraid – but then love sings back, 'surrender!'When I'm with him, my heart, in rapture, sings the sweetest song. When I look into his eyes, I see the deepest treasures of my soul mirrored back to me and I swallow and close my eyes, unable for a moment to stand in the force of this all-consuming fire. But then courage knocks me on the shoulder. And I dissolve into those grey-blue pools of sparkling fire.The truth in his eyes teaches me a thousand things. About love. About wisdom. About Truth. And in these eyes I see reflected back all the yearnings I have felt all my life, all the tenderness and gentleness that I am capable of feeling. And I melt into love…When I'm alone, the flame gently burns, transforming every second of every moment, everything I do, every word I write, every conversation I have. In this flame is the potential of all of creation. A thousand songs unsung. A thousand poems waiting to be written. A thousand hearts waiting to be touched and transformed by the love of The One.The unquenchable fire has been lit. And a thousand torches around that fire are even now bursting into flame. And a thousand more. And every second another. It has begun.