Eating as a spiritual practice

The concept of 'mindfulness' so much captured the public imagination a couple of years ago that it became a bit of a buzzword over here in the UK. And rightfully so, perhaps. The volume of information we have to deal with on a mental level seems to be escalating day by day and learning to focus and still the mind - and to become more discriminating about what we take in - can really help us cultivate peace of mind. We're constantly fed propaganda and questionable values through our television sets, the internet, newspapers - often in the name of 'news' – and many of us swallow this every morning as readily as we do our additive-filled cornflakes – oblivious to the true effect it is having on our consciousness!But it's not just at the mental level that we can become overloaded. Our food is often packed full of (cunningly disguised) artificial additives... and we take in environmental toxins in the cleaning products we use, our drinking water, and the air we breathe.It's for reasons like these that I like to cleanse my whole system every once in a while. Just the process of disciplining my diet has a knock-on effect in many areas of my life. On one level it helps me feel much more comfortable in my own skin. On another it seems to kick my 'discernment glands' into action – I become more discerning about what I take into my being, on a mental/ emotional level as well as a physical one! Cleansing becomes almost a spiritual practice for me – a means of rebalancing my body and mind and coming back to centre – to my naturally clear, balanced, inspired, authentic core self.If you've never experienced this kind of feeling yourself, I recommend you give it a try! As you may have noticed, we're about half-way through our three-week annual little white feather cleanse (Day 6 to be exact). But if you'd like to do the cleanse this spring, in your own time, drop me a line and I'll send you a copy of the accompanying eBook and you can follow it in your own good time! Bear in mind, though, that spring is an ideal time for cleansing, with the liver energies at their peak!If you know you'd like to do the cleanse online with us next year, write in and sign up now - as places are sure to fill!