Transition Guildford hosts talk on The Mechanics of Spiritual Change

tonya 1In our first event of the new season, to take place in central Guildford on Thursday, Little White Feather founder Tonya Gabrielle Stewart will talk about how an awareness of the mechanics of spiritual change can make life more enjoyable, making us increasingly at ease with who we are and the universe around us.Everything that happens in our lives, when we look at it, does so with the sole purpose of helping us grow, says Tonya, a transformational coach and facilitator. 'When we learn how to decode its messages and act upon the information that it gives us, then, rather than feeling like pawns in a game we don't understand, we become active participants in our own evolution - and everything begins to fall into place.'Her talk, called The Mechanics of Spiritual Change and organised in collaboration with local community group, Transition Guildford, will help simplify the process of spiritual transformation and will provide some practical tools to help us change. 'I’m no mechanic,' says Tonya, 'but my feeling is that it’s sometimes good to get practical and down-to-earth when we’re talking about things like spiritual growth – an area that can be quite simple when you really start to look at it.'And it’s important that we start to look at it now. With climate change, financial instability and resource depletion becoming an ever-more-present reality – not just locally, but on a worldwide scale – we need to start addressing the issues and finding positive ways forward.'My personal point of view is that when we change and develop ourselves spiritually we can have a much more powerful positive effect on our communities and the world around us. There is actually a huge opportunity at this time to step up to the plate and step into who we are. And when we do this, it catalyses positive change in others and the world around us.'See little white feather website for further information.