Interpreting the messages of the divine

angels appearingThere's been some discussion on our Facebook page this month about how we learn to decode the language the universe (life, God or however you choose to interpret it) uses to communicate with us, ie, through signs, symbology and suchlike.It came about as a result of a phone call I had the day after new year from a dear man who had been going through a difficult phase in his life, had been seeing little white feathers everywhere and wanted to get my take on what it meant.Now people often call and ask me to interpret signs like these for them. And I sometimes have a little go at this (but only if I feel 'given' to) and then throw it back to them to feel out what the sign or symbol means to them. In my way of seeing things, the universe (life, God or whatever) gives us messages in a form that each of us can best understand, ie, that are individually tailored for us. This is why, in my way of seeing things, angels, for instance, often appear to people as beautiful, flowing, winged creatures. It's the form that people can most easily digest - and is an intelligent way of ensuring that people don't simply run away screaming (as some people, of course, are reported to have done, in certain well-known ancient texts).And so it is for each of us to learn to decode the language of these messages - and interpret their symbology - so that we can apply what we are being shown in our lives - and move on. Because if we constantly reach out to another person to interpret what the universe is trying to say to us, then we are constantly disempowering ourselves... giving our own authentic power away... in fact, we're throwing it away - and throwing away our opportunity to grow!Of course, sometimes we need a helping hand in this - and that's part of what I do in the one-to-one and group coaching work that I do (see Events page). I consider this one of my strengths, having been consciously fine-tuning my reading of these messages, which can be extremely subtle and multi-layered, for myself, for some years now... <3If you're interested in exploring the concept of 'authentic power' (mentioned above) - and how our society has got the concept of power a bit topsy turvy, come to our Public discussion on Power, February 20th (see our Events page)