To the divine in you

HeartgardenThis poem is toThe divine in youIn meIn a friendA loverThe man that catches your eyeIn the streetOn TVWhile waiting in a queue at the local supermarket~ x ~It’s dedicated toSeeing the divineIn ourselves and each otherAnd celebrating itCan you see itGlisteningJust beneath the surfaceIn the eyes of the sweet sweeperAs you walk by?childs eyeAnd in the eyes ofYour childTwinklingAs she returns from school?~ x ~Look a little deeperAnd you can see itWhispering in the breezeIn an apple, fallen from the boughOf a treeIn a poppyAnd in acknowledging itIn loving itWe expandOur sense ofThe divineIn our own beings~ x ~And that’s whyTo me‘Namaste’ isThe most beautiful greeting in the world...~ x ~Namaste.I love you.I honour you.I honour the placeIn youIn whichThe entire universe dwells~ x ~namaste beeWhen you are in that place in youAnd I am in that place in meWe are, quite simply, one.Namaste. <3