Holding the world

tendernessSometimes I feel like I holdThe World in my heartEvery tired motherSpent from another sleepless nightWondering if she has enough energy to feedA thirsty childEach tearful schoolgirlDesolateFeeling abandoned, unloved, unheardBy her father, who would never have wanted this but,Distracted by work and responsibilitiesIs oblivious to her plightEach teenage loverFeeling the exquisite anguishOf first love...Will he call?Every hard-up fatherFeeling the painOf not knowing how he will provideFor his beloved and her familyAfter the floods have lain waste the family homeWhat do we do at such times?What can we doBut surrender.Accept what is.And move forward, humbly, when we feel toIn the direction that feels right?What more can we do?We are not in controlAnd if we're honest with ourselvesWe don't need to be.All we can do is let goAccept what isAnd do what is bestWhat feels rightWhat feels truly aligned with who we areAnd the rightness of the moment.So as I sitWith the world in my heartFeeling the burden of its pain like a lead weightUpon my heartAt the same timeI feel its blessingI feel it transformingThe pain transforming and transmutingProcessing throughEverything is as it needs to beDarkness is transforming and becoming light.We are slowly becoming free.