Walking each other home

walking each other home tooThe original sinIs SeparationWe once knew ourselves to be wholeThen it happenedSuddenly there was ChaosConfusionFear arose of stillnessWhere there had beenPeaceHarmony andJoyful beingAnd all this timeOver aeonsOur souls have been trying to find their wayBack to this wholenessThe wholeness they knewBeforeAndIn rediscovering the wholeness beforeI’ve found the wholeness afterwardsAnd all the way throughThroughout lifetimesIn rediscovering where my soul found separationI’ve rediscovered the wholeness in all the distortionsThat my soul created since thenTo find its way backThe journey has been longIt has been profoundAwe-inspiringSometimes terrifyingBut who would even question its worthOnce they had gotTo the pointWhere they canWalk another home?