Learning to ride the cosmic wave

Truth surferA lot of my friends and acquaintances have been getting into surfing, recently - whether that's down south in Croyde, out at Widemouth Bay, or further afield. But it's a different kind of surfing that seems to be taking off nearer home - the inner kind.This hasn't of course been 'scientifically proven', but for me it's like the evolutionary pulse of humanity is speeding up - and as part of this process, all the unprocessed 'debris' within us is being pushed to the surface. And it is not just the debris from this lifetime that seems to be coming up - what's emerging is often from long before this (and we don't have to believe in past lives, it would seem, for this to be happening). So we are having to learn to ride the wave of our outer lives - which can be pretty 'character forming' for most of us at the moment, to say the least - while navigating and dismantling the debris that's being churned up. No mean feat!I'm seeing this sea change (sorry!) being played out in the stream of new coaching clients that have been wending their way to me in recent weeks, seeking to navigate their way through some of the material that's being thrown up (your average counsellor, of course, isn't likely to be comfortable or have the skills to deal with this kind of thing. I remember, for instance, the psychotherapist who was assigned to me as part of an insurance claim when I was recovering from a car accident a few years ago, who memorably - and rather respectfully, to give her her credit - stated that it was, 'probably beyond the scope of what we are doing here' to explore the rather unusual 'memories' from before birth, just after birth and what I could at the time only assume was even before that, that were coming up for me.)And I have a sense that this widespread emergence of past life memories is a trend that's set to increase in coming months and years. It’s like people’s karmic and cosmic blocks are being thrust to the surface, like the materials in a centrifuge. And what's more, more and more people are feeling willing to deal with them!And of course, if we don’t see, or trust, the organising force behind what’s going on, it can feel scary. But when we do – when we see a force of evolution at work propelling us forward, inviting us to explore greater and greater levels of authentic beingness, then things become decidedly different. We start to 'trust the process' (thought I'd throw in a bit of 'new age jargon' there, but I think it's apt in this setting) and this whole phase of human evolution, as we could call it, becomes intensely exciting. We realise that our intuitive felt sense is guiding us down to the tiniest detail, if we let it - and that if we let go, everything will unfold exactly as it should.And that's kind of where I'm coming from with all this.Sometimes, however, we need a little extra help. And that’s why I've started the Little White Feather School of Inner Surfing. Only joking. But, seriously, because I've spent the last, let me see, six or so years consciously learning to surf the waves of my own karma (and, somewhat less consciously, for many more years before that) - and now understand the pattern behind all those experiences I was talking to the afore-mentioned therapist about and more besides (I've also got coaching qualifications from The Coaching Academy and Openhand) - I can help them learn to navigate their own cosmic wave. And that's what 'transformational coaching' is really all about.And, as part of the process of clearing up our karmic debris seems to be uncovering some of the natural clair-voyant, clair-sentient and clair-you-name-it gifts that are our birthright as human beings, this tends to be as powerful with the client the other side of the world (on skype or telephone), as it is if we're working in person over here in the UK. So if this sounds like it might support you on your own evolutionary journey, come tread the boards at the School of Inner Surfing! Try it... you might like it (and it's also good for toning the 'inner abs' after Christmas!)