Spare a thought for Eve (and Adam, too)

what a cruel...Is it just me, or are there some truly awesome things going on in the space between men and women these days?For me, powerful shifts are happening in the way that the forgotten - or at least subdued - feminine energy, or power, is starting to make itself felt in the world. And as we women start to shine our true light more authentically - with no apology - it's like the men around us, as I experience it anyway, are able to kind of drop into their own raw, real, balanced masculine power. And the two are beginning to work together and support each other in a truly beautiful way.I know there's a long way to go - and that women (and what the feminine represents) are still being persecuted and maltreated and subjugated in many parts of the world (and in pockets, closer to home) - but my sense is that things are really starting to change.And this was nowhere more strongly reflected back at me than in the moment I looked at the picture above, which I came across on Facebook this month. In that moment it struck me... yes, this society may still be 'male-dominated' on a physical level - and there's a real truth behind what's depicted here - but, at a subtler level, the feminine consciousness now rules the world. And recognising this made my heart feel so warm inside.(I say that last phrase about 'ruling the world' in a playful way, of course, because the balanced or 'divine feminine' energy would never need - or even want - to 'rule', or have power over any other being or any other thing - and that is one reason why we so need it in this world today. Its presence on Earth heals us all - and the spaces between us!)At the same time, recognising this gave me a pang of compassion for many of the men on the planet, who may still be holding on to some of the old conditioning around control and dominance - whether at a conscious or unconscious level - and feel positively bewildered by the shifts and changes that are taking place. But the way I see it, at a subtle level we all pretty much know we have both feminine and masculine within us... and isn't it the case that we also recognise at some level that, in order to survive and flourish on this planet, we need to restore the feminine to her true position?Women need not fear their own power, because they remember being persecuted or killed for revealing it in the past (some of the women I am working with, for example, myself included, have for a long time been working through what could be seen as recalls of experiences before this lifetime that have affected the patterning of this lifetime). At the same time, men have no real need to feel threatened by the energies of the feminine that are increasing and expanding - and can feel free to safely let go of the old paradigm of control and dominance and move into a space of divine co-creation with the feminine.I've been seeing some truly gorgeous changes in the men around me at this time. And though it's like all this growth stuff seems second nature to the female soul, it's like some men have some catching up to do (why not help each other?)One thing I'd recommend to any man wanting to grow and change at this time - and which I've seen many take great shifts forward in is co-counselling (I've been teaching it for many years). I'd recommend it particularly from the point of view of starting to question those messages encouraging men to stifle natural emotions ('big boys don't cry', and latterly, 'man up!' being examples) and open to the fact that raw, real emotion, far from needing to be stifled, is actually a doorway through to greater expansion and fulfilment.We're running a Co-Counselling Taster Day on Saturday (October 5th). Come along, you men (bring a partner or friend if you like), and see if it's for you - and if it is, you still have time to sign up to the full five-day training course, which starts in Guildford on November 2nd. Contact Tonya for details or see Events page.