A unique evolutionary opportunity

inner peace 3Few would deny that there’s a big transition going on on this planet right now. It’s clear that many of the structures we have relied upon as cornerstones in our lives are breaking down: climate change is becoming an ever-more-present reality, financial instability is becoming the norm and resources like oil and water that we may have taken for granted are being depleted, with species dying at a rate of knots.Many groups, individuals and organisations, the wonderful Transition Towns movement being one of them, rather than denying these inconvenient truths, are supporting communities in finding positive ways forward in the face of them.And this is, of course, what we all need to do. But my personal feeling is that, far from being a situation to induce dread and fear at any level, the tight situation that we find ourselves in is serving an important evolutionary purpose - and forcing us to wake up to the awesome resources we have, both individually and collectively... to evolve.And the way I see it, the more spiritually evolved we are as people, the more positive an influence we can have on the world around us - we become like light houses for others... powerful catalysts for change!I like to quote Louise Hay, herself a powerful catalyst in many people's lives, here, in her definition of enlightenment: ‘Finding our own light and shining it for others’. I like this definition, because, for me, it is only when we have found the light within – and we no longer need to look for inspiration or confirmation outside ourselves – that we can really begin to live out our potential here on Earth. We cease to be distracted by the constant flow of propaganda fed to us by the external world - whether this is the Government, the media or our TV sets - and realise that we have an internal sense of right and wrong – a kind of inner compass – that will guide us in the most unpredictable of life’s storms.And this process of spiritual evolution was what I spoke of at a talk I gave called The Mechanics of Spiritual Change, at Transition Guildford offices this month. Far from being 'woo woo' and 'new-agey', the journey of spiritual evolution, when explained in practical terms, has a powerful message for people living on the planet today - and particularly those seeking positive ways to transition to a more sustainable, more balanced and authentic way of life.Infact, this is what I see this phase of our evolution as being about: birthing the divine on planet Earth - in our homes, in our relationships, in our communities, in the projects that we are creating... We are reclaiming our identity as divine human beings - not in a pie-in-the-sky kind of way but at a down-to-earth, practical level. And we need to find new, grounded ways of talking about this so that we can powerfully help birth the New...Due to the popularity of The Mechanics of Spiritual Change, we're holding another such event on January 16th (see little white feather events page). Several places are also still available on Tools for Transformation (October 12th), the first session in a four-part course for those wanting to put these principles into practice. Please contact Tonya to book your place.