'Did Jesus' resurrection really take place?

ascension catherine 2A man appeared at my door this morning - a Jehovah’s witness, perhaps, I don't know - wanting to know if I believed that Jesus' resurrection had taken place (it being Eastertime and all that).I told him that the story of Jesus personally meant a great deal to me, and took his leaflet (I’m doing some ‘inner research’ around the Jesus story at the moment) but that for me whether he was or was not resurrected in the physical was not the issue. The issue for me is whether we human beings - who as I see it have a great opportunity being down here on planet Earth – open to our own capacity to grow, to unfold and, ultimately, become ’resurrected’ in our energy bodies, as Jesus is said to have done. I am feeling more and more that enlightenment and ascension are no longer simply the domain of the Buddhas and Christs of this world, they are within the grasp of each of us – our divine birthright. We simply need to keep unfolding into our divine nature. What do you think?