Coming into balance

divine balance threeTo me, this is a delightful phase in our human evolution on planet Earth. It's like at many levels we are starting to assume the true 'angelic familiness' that was always our destiny: an existence where effortless co-creation falls naturally out of each moment. And as part of this process, anything that is out of balance is coming naturally into balance - without pushing, without effort. And as I see it, this is happening increasingly, as more people allow themselves to 'fall into' their truth and live from there – we will effortlessly co-create on a wider and wider level. Of course, this requires a certain openness. And in our relationships as much as anything. It's important to open to the truth in each connection, detaching from any conception of what we desire it to be. In this way, it can become the relationship it was always meant to be (or not!): what Alice Bailey called 'right relationship'. My feeling is that this process is happening too for organisations and larger groups in society as a whole; and though destabilising, if we can all do what we can to simply allow what is seeking to happen, to happen - just like a flower allows itself to unfold in Nature - then truly magical things can happen, and things can take their rightful place. To me this is what the 'golden age' that has been spoken about so many times is all about.