Laughter best medicine for royalty too!

Now you'll be hard pushed to find anyone who takes a less active interest in the Royals than I do - friends from abroad who ask me to remind them of the name of our future King are disappointed when I struggle to remember William's name. Or Kate's, for that matter. So I thought I'd contradict that pattern of disinterest on Jubilee Holiday Monday and visit a local village hall that was showcasing little-known photographs of the Queen taken by Royal photographer Jayne Fincher - and see if I could find a human side to the bunch that would enable me to become more interested in them.I found it. This picture is one of my favourites (but there are others!) And to put a bit of icing on the cake for me, the photographer - daughter of the late Fleet Street photographer Terry Fincher - who lives in the village (I was in Blackheath, Surrey) popped in for a while while I was there... so I pulled her aside and asked a few questions.Apparently, the Queen has a great sense of humour: 'She's a real giggler. She absolutely loves it if during one of her official visits, something goes wrong. At times, she has trouble controlling her laughter.' Quite evidently our monarch knows a thing or two about what I call 'the power of play'!My next The Power of Play (ing with Your Problems) workshop takes place June 30th in Guildford. Please book early as spaces limited.