The Venus transit: a lesson in trust from the skies

I love the way our subconscious minds, or 'higher selves' depending on how you look at it, attempt to communicate with us through symbols, images and the like, trying to draw our attention to something that could have meaning for us. In past weeks, for instance, images of five-pointed stars, roses and the word ‘Fibonacci’ have all been appearing before my inner eye. Also, I've been drawn to the planet Venus in the night sky a number of times and, just today, I've been prompted inwardly to read up on the goddess Aphrodite. What have all these images and symbols in common? They all have links to the planet Venus.Now something very significant is happening with Venus right now - something I was unaware of until a couple of days ago (I don’t watch the television much). She's making an extraordinary transit in which she will pass right across the surface of the Sun (look 'Venus Transit 2012' up on Google images and you'll soon see what I mean).Venus undertakes this transition between around sunset tonight until some time around sunrise tomorrow – a movement she makes only once every 120 years - and when she does it, she does so twice in an eight-year period. It is an event of huge significance, from both an astronomical and an astrological point of view.Now, very soon after Venus last transitted the Sun, we witnessed the 2004 Tsunami. Because the movement is quite a dynamic one, there are ominous predictions being made in some circles. I however like to look at the event from a broader perspective - which gives me reason to trust that everything that happens as a result of her transit will be for the highest good of the planet and her citizens.Why? Let's look for instance at the pattern that Venus makes around the Earth in the eight-year cycle I mentioned above - a five-petalled rose (something I mentioned in an earlier blog). Could anything be more perfect and harmonious? And guess what? She creates that pattern by drawing hearts in the sky as she goes. Both the rose and the five-pointed star are of course traditional symbols of Venus (and of love). And, as UK astrologer John Wadsworth says in this excellent video on the subject, this was long before we ever had the scientific instruments to know much about Venus' movements!There are more remarkable synchronicities, however. Venus is also synonymous with the golden mean or golden ratio; when you divide a line so that the whole and the parts are related to each other in the same way it creates a figure: 1.618 (and on), which is known as 'phi'. Phi is intricately related to the pentagram (also linked to the planet Venus and mentioned in Wadsworth's video) - and the pentagram is the only completely 'golden' shape or geometric form (the figure is made up entirely of golden ratios).So, though the energetic repercussions of the transit itself could be potentially quite life-changing for life on Earth, from a celestial perspective all is being played out in perfect harmony. And the way I’m sensing it, intuitively at least (which is the sense that I can normally rely on), is that Venus is, in her dramatic movement across the Sun tonight, calling us powerfully into the new. And it's more like a trumpet call - or even a call-to-arms - than a gentle cooing. And though there may (or may not) be some extraordinary happenings in the next little while as a result of this transit, perhaps they will serve a deeper purpose - as wake-up calls to help us move into the new.John Wadsworth refers to Venus' passage across the Sun as her way of 'blessing the earth' with love. And I'd say that this resonates with the way I see things. It may turn out to be ’tough love’, but it's love, nevertheless!You can watch a live streaming of the Venus Transit from the NASA team at Mauna Kea, Hawaii, from 22:45 GMT