Introducing The Joy Club

As we allow the layers of 'patterning' that we've built around us to fall away, like the layers of an onion, what's left, in my experience at least, is an unfettered sense of joy. Not the 'happy clappy' joy that many of us associate with certain forms of religious worship - though I'm sure that has its place, too - but the simple, unadulterated joy of being. It's a sweet, gentle thing - at least for me it is.Well, from next week (Thursday, May 17th), I'll be hosting a new, fortnightly, drop-in event called The Joy Club. As a little white feather subscriber and/or blog reader you are cordially invited - and will be warmly welcomed!!Held at the Transition Guildford offices in central Guildford, from 6-7 pm every other Thursday, the purpose of the class is to help uncover this natural state of joy. Some of us access it most easily through Nature; others by allowing their natural self- expression through dance or song... However we access it, when we reach that state, and learn to live from it, it's like all the lights in the universe have been switched on - and we come fully 'on song'.When our joy and wellbeing tanks are 80 per cent or so full, our lives have this sense of 'flow' about them - things naturally fall into place, serendipity and synchronicity happen as a matter of course, and we experience daily miracles. This in my eyes is a natural state of being for us humanoids! Conversely, when our wellbeing tanks start to fall below about 35 per cent, our body, mind and emotions are under such a level of tension that we are putting ourselves at risk of developing chronic illness and stress-related problems.The idea is that, any time your wellbeing tanks are starting to drop below 60 per cent, you come to the Joy Club and get them filled up again. Those who know they need a regular jump-start are encouraged to sign up for a whole term - that's where the 'Club' aspect comes in.The Joy Club will be run on a donations-only basis - the only proviso being that, if you're coming, you turn up on time - we'll be starting and finishing promptly.Please come along and support little white feather if you can. And for further information on this, or any of the other workshops on our Events page, please give me a call.

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