Are you humble enough to crumble?

I had about 25 responses to my The Power of Vulnerability post in last month's newsletter. It certainly struck a chord somewhere! Many people said how sharing my own tenderness had enabled them to open to their own (one reader said she was so moved that she'd spent hours crying tears of release and had felt a lot better as a result), others particularly resonated with Brene Brown's video (thank you, Alex, for sending in the link for that one). The way I see it (and increasingly so, as the 'crumbling process' that I spoke of continues in my life) - that the more we allow ourselves to sink into the heart of the vulnerability we feel, surrendering all attachment to outcome, the more the path ahead can unfold to us, like a royal 'red carpet'!One of the things that has catalysed my own crumbling process this month has been my detox programme, which those of you who have been reading the little white feather blog will, of course, know about! The more I let go of toxins, the more the suppressed emotions resurfaced. Many of them surprised me - I had many 'I thought I'd dealt with this' moments! It was a painful process – when I resisted it! Of course, when I just 'surrendered', the pain seemed to magically disappear and I kind of 'fell through' to a deeper level of consciousness.Writing the daily blog to accompany the programme was probably as challenging as doing the actual plan. But it was good to have the support of those of you who were following the diet too - and feeding in with your own experiences and suggestions! I hope you'll join me for my next detox programme - over a weekend in June. Details to follow soon!