Day 8 - 21-day detox

Juice it up!Juicing is one sure-fire way to fill yourself with zing. Make sure, however, that you allow enough time to assemble the juicer and soak or wash the bits afterwards. It can be quite fiddly - and if you leave your juicer unwashed, even for an hour or so, it can be pretty hard to clean!I include some of my favourite juices below.... but half of the fun of juicing is experimentation! One thing to bear in mind when preparing your own juices, however, is that fruit and vegetables are generally best kept apart (due to their acid and alkali natures, they have a tendency to 'fight' in the stomach). The only exceptions are apples and carrots, which you can pretty much mix with anything.Kiwi, apple and ginger zinger2 ripe kiwi fruit1 apple1 slice of root gingerA refreshing pick-me-up; a nice one to start the day with.Carrot, apple and celery energiser2 carrots1 apple1 stalk of celeryI will often make one of these when I'm in need of a mid-afternoon lift.Apple and lettuce cooler1 large green apple2 stalks celery8-10 lettuce leavesThis is a good relaxant; helps you unwind after a long day.Tomorrow: how detoxification changes the way we look... for the better!