Day 18 - 21 day detox

Takin' it slowWeaning ourselves off the detox diet needs to be undertaken with as much sensitivity as we undertook the process of taking the foods out of our diets in the first place. Take it slow. Be gentle on yourself.Now is a good time to decide which of the main foods you are going to reintroduce into your diet on day 21. You can pick from this list: dairy products, gluten and wheat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and fish and meat (best to stick to organic/ sustainably sourced produce for now). Best not to introduce any processed foods (ie, those with artificial additives) into your diet just now as it may be too much of an assault on your body!Choose a food that you don't have too much of a craving for - one that you can take or leave. And watch over the 24 hours following reintroducing the food or drink any fluctuations in mood, how your body looks and feels and any effects on your concentration, focus or other mental changes. If you notice a pronounced effect, it is possible that you have a sensitivity to this substance - in which case, taking yourself for an allergy test or visiting a nutritionist who deals with food sensitivities might be a good idea.The suggestion is that you introduce another food or drink from the list each day from then on, each time taking time to observe any subtle effects the substance may have on your body-mind. If it's a little ambiguous - and you're finding it hard to determine whether it's the foodstuff or another factor in your life, drop me a line and I'll do my best to make the process easy for you. For now, though, all you have to do is decide which day to reintroduce each of the foods - and make sure you have them in the fridge or cupboard ready and waiting for the big day!Tomorrow, join me in setting some good intentions