Day 17 - 21 day detox

Five days to goSo, there are only five more days of the detox diet programme to go! How do you feel? Are you managing to stick to the diet for the most part, or have you succumbed to more off-limits culinary delicacies than you would care to admit?In my eyes, it doesn't help to be too hard on yourself when you're following this dietary plan. It doesn't much matter if you 'stray off the path' from time to time. We're creating new habit patterns for life here, not just for the duration of the programme. Hopefully, some of you will reach day 21 and decide to base your diet more permanently on the foods and drinks you have been consuming over the past three weeks.I tend to follow the nutritional guidelines of the programme about eight months of the year. I like to add organically or sustainably sourced fish to my diet, as I feel this is what my body needs to be at its peak. It goes without saying that everyone is different and needs to find the best diet for them.