The universe speaks in symbols

It's not a unique thought: poets, mystics and philosophers throughout Earth's history have read meaning into symbols that appeared to them in day-to-day life. I however am constantly amazed by the way life speaks to me, even comforts me through symbols.Like today, for instance. I was travelling by train and, reflecting on aspects of my life at the time, found myself in an unusually fearful space. I closed my eyes and let the tears fall down my cheeks and silently asked for help in finding a way through this seeming impasse. Something prompted me to open my eyes at that moment, and my eyes fell upon something I had never seen before, though I had been through this station perhaps a hundred times.It was a giant sphere formed of many hexagons - called a claithrin - and on top of it was the sign of a crucifix. Not only was the claithrin personally very meaningful for me - infact it was the subject of my most profound dream of my life, which was in turn the subject of an earlier little white feather blog, but the sign of the crucifix had been appearing to me in my inner eye and in the outer world for some few weeks - and for me symbolises the death (and resurrection) of an aspect of myself, perhaps something akin to the ego?I immediately felt grateful. Grateful primarily to 'the universe' for sending me 'signs' at a time when I felt a little 'Father, why hast thou forsaken me?' It reassured me somehow. And even more so, as the train pulled out of the station, I looked closer and at the front of the claithrin was, quite clearly, the shape of a five-pointed star (often seen as a symbol for the self-realised man (or woman) - and also the foundation of the beautiful pattern that Venus makes around the earth every few years, which is pictured above).Somehow, all in all, this momentary vision had helped to shift my perception, helped create a space inside me where I could open to trust again. And from that moment, the day turned around and I was 'back in the flow'. I'd love to hear whether you ever receive 'signs' from life/ the universe that reassure you or give you answers to the questions you seek. Write in. I promise I'll write back!