A little light on 2012

I made my Christmas cards this year. They started off in the angelic realms with sketches and cutouts of cherubims and seraphims, but then came gradually down to earth with baubles and Christmas trees, and then finally I settled on my favourite design, candles. There's something enchanting about a lit candle. Infact, when I'm working from home, which is most days, I light a candle in the morning and, 'blow the light' out to a quality or a person before I go to bed (extra strength to a friend in hospital, or 'to all those caring for others this Christmas' or somesuch).Anyway, making these candle cards made me realise that not only did I want to wish friends a happy Christmas this year, I wanted to send them special wishes for the coming year or, as I put it in the title 'a little light on 2012' (which probably came to mind because it's the title of a recently published book, I think by author/ therapist/ healer Diana Cooper). Because the year 2012 has quite a lot of hype around it, hasn't it? And not all of it inspires energy and excitement... some of it is more likely to arouse fear in some people. To me, the year 2012 has always had a special kind of magic about it. I've been aware of the Mayan prophecies around that date since I was a teenager, and had been reading writings from Alice Bailey and the like about the dawning of a 'golden age' on this planet - a time where we were living more consciously and more harmoniously together than ever before.And for me, whatever the year 2012 may, or may not, bring - it's important to keep an open attitude to its positive opportunites. Whether they happen in 2012, or the year after or the year after that, it's plain to see that there are going to be changes, whether they are environmental, financial or resource-based, and those changes will require adjustment and adaptation for most if not all of us. And as with every challenge there's always the opportunity to see it as just that - an opportunity to grow and transform as individuals - and on a global scale. Call me an idealist, but I see that as quite exciting, don't know about you?Anyway, turn the card on its side and the flame turns into an angel's wing (try it!) If that's not a good sign for 2012, I don't know what is.Here's to a happy and healthy Christmas and to a blessed 2012 for all of us. I don't know about you but I'm going to do what I can to enjoy the ride!