Some gifts from the co-counsellor's toolkit

Having said what I've said about SAD, there are some useful tools from co-counselling which I've found helpful whenever my mood takes a dip. The first is 'celebration' – a tool for honouring the positive qualities within ourselves. In co-counselling, celebration helps bring us more fully back into the present after a session. It's just as well used at the beginning of a day to set us off on the right foot. 'I celebrate myself for my delicately painted toenails' or 'I honour myself for my zest for life'. Another is 'validating' another person. As a little practical exercise (and just to check you're concentrating) I'd like to challenge you, when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning... to turn to your partner and say something like, 'I wanted to say how lovely it is to wake up with you every morning,' or 'I'd like to validate you for being such a caring husband'. And see how it changes your day!I've also got some great tools for negative self-talk but I'll save them for next time!Little white feather co-counselling trainings run twice yearly in October and April. Bookings are now being taken for both courses (in Guildford and London respectively). Spaces are limited - a deposit secures your place. Please call +44 791 900 6845 to find out more.